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the best garlic pulverizer you'll ever use

OutoftheFryingPan agress zyliss is the best!

As i get more and more into cooking and baking I seem to acquire more gadgets. Some of these gadgets end up in a draw or on a shelf somewhere and collect dust for the most part. However, there are a handful of gadgets that have been immensely useful. It’s nice to invest in something that you feel was worth the purchase. So I wanted to share a handful of items that have been well worth the investment.

top 3 most used:

3. zyliss garlic press. this sucker minces the crap out of garlic! it is so satisfying. it puts other presses to shame. we love garlic, so it gets used to make dinner almost every night.

2. Cutco parring knife. so sharp! it’s great for peeling, slicing and dicing fruit. I think I use this knife every day. Plus, if it ever breaks or gets damaged, Cutco sends me a new one for free!

1. lodge cast iron skillet. the best skillet, saucepan and all around meal cooking pan we’ve ever had! it costs a pretty penny, but getting good cast iron is definitely a worthwhile investment that you can pass down to your children. it heats everything so well, and everything tastes richer in it. Plus, some say it adds a little iron to your diet which is good for pregnant women. sometimes you can find a cast iron skillet in decent condition at a thrift store, a much cheaper option.

top 3 appliances:

3. cuisine art ice cream maker. ok so at first i thought this was a little bit of an indulgent purchase… but i really wanted to make ice cream from scratch! This thing is awesome. every time i use it the results get rave revues and i look like a domestic goddess. ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, you can do it all with ease.

2. electric teapot. this was a relatively inexpensive thoughtless purchase, but i use it so much! I am so thankful for the quick, effortless ability to boil water for anything from tea, coffee, to heating water for pasta, or steaming veggies.

1. bosch mixer. this is by far the most expensive but most versatile piece of equipment i own! it’s a kitchen mixer, blender, food processor, pasta maker and even grain grinder. its amazing. the motor is super powerful and the mixing bowls are wider and more open at the top than kitchenaide mixers which makes adding ingredients much easier.