so i have decided to do a blog challenge! *trumpets*

I’ve decided to challenge myself to journal 2013 in 52 weeks worth of photos!!!

Here’s my reasoning:

1. i’m getting this tingly feeling God’s got some really interesting stuff planned for this year.

2. i want to journal and share my life more. to make blogging a habit even!

3. i have really enjoyed learning more about photography and i want to keep practicing.

4. you encouraged me! you mischief maker you!

So here’s week #1 in photos:


Always start out with love! Micah and I saw this being drawn in the sky by a plane while we were visiting family in FL for Christmas and New Years


that’s tinker bell’s hot air balloon in the sky at disney world. We spent New Years Eve in Disney World with Micah’s brother and his girlfriend. It was so much fun and we got to see the places where Micah and I had our first date and where he took me out to dinner the night he proposed. It was magical 🙂

My new girlfriend! Micah and I are gearing up for our big half ironman in April. I just upgraded from my old bike to this beauty. I’m gonna be spending a lot of time with her. I named her Sybil after downtown abbey. She comes from a prestigious family name but she’s got spunk and she can hit the streets with the best of them!